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We understand a lot of questions come up when thinking of the possibilities of a year spent in Mabou - so here's a few answers to get you started. Got more? Send them our way -

How do I get in touch? How do I learn more?

We'd be happy to chat! Get in touch with us at or call us directly at 902-623-0455.


How do students get to and from classes?

Accommodations and dining are available on site and amenities such as a grocery store are within a 5-10 minute walk. You don’t need your own vehicle, however it would be convenient for travel to other locations around the island, events, etc., and a bicycle would provide a quick means to get around our small community. There is public transportation through Strait Area Transit which makes multiple daily runs between Inverness (North of Mabou) and Port Hawkesbury (South of Mabou).


Is there Wifi available at Beinn Mhàbu?

Beinn Mhàbu has a building-wide wireless network installed with dedicated fibre internet. This technology supports “roaming” so that your wireless connection persists even as you move about the building with your laptop computer or mobile device.


How does the meal plan work?
Will there be food available between meals?

There are three scheduled meal times of 7:30 - 8:30am, 12 - 1pm and 4:30 - 5:30pm (times subject to change). There are take-away snacks available between scheduled meal-times and students have access to shared fridges, microwaves onsite. There is also a boutique shop onsite with snacks available during working hours.


What are the accommodations like? What will I need to bring? 

Accommodations come furnished with bed, desk, chair and a 3-piece bath. Bedding, towels, and any additional furnishings are supplied by students. Accommodations are cleaned once per week by staff. There is a coin-operated laundry onsite available to students 24 hours per day.
Almost 90% of our rooms are single accommodations with private bathrooms. The remainder have shared bathrooms (between two students) and are same-sex only. 


Are there any times during the school year that I would be required to leave the dorm? 

Rooms are available to students for the academic year (August 31 - April 18). There are breaks in programming at regular intervals, but students do not have to vacate their rooms. 


Do the classes take place in the same building as the dorm is located?

All classes and accommodations are within the same building.


Are there accommodations made for alternative learning and assessment requirements? 

As full-time, registered CBU students, all services available to onsite CBU students are available to Beinn Mhàbu students. Virtual appointments with the Jennifer Keeping Centre at CBU can be made as required. Beinn Mhàbu is committed to helping students find their most effective pathway to academic success and works with students to find accommodations as per their requirements.


Are all learning materials and texts provided or are there additional costs associated with these items? 

All texts and written materials are provided.


Do you apply for residence via the CBU website? If so, how?

Students apply for residence directly with Beinn Mhàbu once they are accepted as CBU students and are provided their CBU email.  


What is the move-in date for residence?

Move-in date is Aug 31, 2024 with classes starting Sep 4, 2024.


Are there common study areas?

There are common study areas throughout the building, including after-hours classroom use, a non-denominational chapel, and several larger spaces for study and common space. 


Are there scholarships or bursaries available? 

Yes! Visit our Scholarships page for information on funding opportunities up to $10,000. 

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